Tuesday, February 22, 2011

iPad 2 soon?

The iPad 2 will be revealed to the public next week, says The Wall Street Journal.

According to "multiple sources," the next iteration of Apple's popular tablet device will be revealed next Wednesday. The WSJ's report falls in line with similar rumors we've heard over the last few weeks, not to mention Apple's annual release schedules.

Last year the company introduced the iPad in late January and planned on shipping the device in late March, due to unspecified issues, however, the release was delayed until early April. If rumors and The WSJ's report prove true, Apple is expected to ship the next iPad around the same time this year.

With the announcement of the iPad 2 seemingly on the horizon, Apple seems to be moving faster to finish its new model. The original iPad was a huge success for Apple, which raked in huge profits on its release. With every kid wanting one, the product is still in high demand even today. So did Apple jump to soon with their new iteration, or will they hit the sweet spot again? Apple has a history of improving upon its technology within months of first putting it on the market. Given the consumer feedback Apple gets, it seems likely that it will already have improved features planned and ready to retail early every year. So has Apple released its new tablet too soon, or is the right time now?


Smith said...

What are your answers to your questions?

Do you think the release of this new one would attract more/new consumers? How?

How do you think “Apple has a history of improving upon its technology within months of first putting it on the market” affects the job market?

Zach said...

I don't think the quick release Apple has set up for the iPad 2 is going to put them in a bad situation at all. They are always offering updates for their products via online downloads and I don't think this is any different. Honestly Apple has such a heavy hand on the market I don't think anything can alter the path that this giant takes. Take this into consideration the Apple iPad first introduced was Wi-Fi only and very shortly after a 3G model was released. Why would they do such a thing? I asked at the time. It made no difference in the sales or popularity of Apple products. Neither will the early release of a second generation iPad.

Payne said...

We bought an iPad on just a couple days ago and we returned it the next day after reading an article about a new one being released. The new iPad is supposed to be faster and also have cameras like the iPhone 4. I agree with Zach that the fast release will not put Apple in a bad situation at all. Everybody wants Apple products and even if a delay occurs, it will only make people want it more.

Easton said...

Smith: If you read what Zach is saying he is right on about how Apple is constantly using updates online to make older products as effective as newer ones. Payne also makes a good point about how even after returning his iPad he is still looking to purchase the newer model when it is released.

Ethan said...

The iPad that only used Wi-Fi and the iPad 3G were actually supposed to come out the same day originally but because of stock issues the 3G version came out later. The two were not actually different iterations of the iPad but the same device just one could use 3G. I don't disagree with you guys in the sense that they would definitely sell units if a new iPad were to come out because there are those people who have to have everything new that Apple comes out with as well as people who have yet to buy an iPad that want one. In all honesty it really doesn't matter when Apple releases a new product because people will buy it so why not go ahead and release a new version of a device one year later.

Elizabeth said...

If Apple keeps releasing a new product annually, the quality of the product may decrease. The post says Apple is hurrying to finish the current product to begin working on the second generation iPad. This will create hurried products that can simply be replaced annually. While this is better for the company, the consumer seems to get cheated. From what I can tell, many of the features on the new products seem to be inessential.

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