Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Business Booming in Silicon Valley

When Marty Hu graduates from Stanford University's computer science program in June, he'll enter the hottest Silicon Valley job market for software engineers since the dot.com crash a decade ago.

In fact, times are so good that Hu, 21, turned down interview requests from several blue-chip companies, including Google and Microsoft.

"At this point, I've sort of taken it [the interest from tech firms] for granted," Hu said.

Instead of joining an established company, Hu, who still gets weekly invitations for interviews from would-be employers, has opted to launch his own company.

According to an article on cnn.com Silicon Valley is experiencing job growth at an alarming rate. With the national unemployment at 8.8%, Silicon Valley is adding jobs to many of its major company's. These company's include Google and social networking giant Facebook. The software programming sector is where the most growth can be seen as many of the nations brightest new programmers are being hired right out of college. So why is software programing getting so big? Is it because of the most recent expansions of company's like Facebook into the mobile market? I think that coupled with the fact that the gaming market is still one of the strongest in the country are the reasons. So will this trend continue or will we see it begin to decline gradually?


Smith said...

How could this impact the local, state, and national economy?

Zach said...

Companies like Google and Facebook are intended for young audiences. As the company grows they employ more people. Since the company needs fresh ideas and young enthusiastic workers why not hire right out of college? Facebook doesn't want to hire the 45 year old who barely knows anything about Facebook they want the 25 year old who met his girlfriend on Facebook after creeping on her profile for 2 weeks.

Ethan said...

In your post you made it seem like it was a bad thing that the programming field of the economy is growing rapidly, but isn't it a good thing if our unemployment is almost 9%? I think another reason this field is growing is because programmers write software like internet browsers, music distribution programs, things like Quicktime which is used in many businesses, etc. I think that this trend of growth will continue because we are moving so much towards everything being electronic and you need programmers to make all of those things work.