Sunday, April 10, 2011

iPad Tramples over Competition, for now.

Okay so here's the breakdown, with Apple's groundbreaking tablet, competitors are left in the dust as retailers such as Motorola are all falling into the same category of just "tablets." The picture above clearly states this. The competitor that was quickly fading is the Xoom tablet from Motorola. They sold 100,000 units compared to Apple's 500,000 in the first weekend. Now why you ask did I put the "for now" portion into the title. Here's why, the only good outcome to getting a Xoom as of right now is due to the fact that it will be using the Android 3.0 software compared to getting the iPad and their iOS. As far as I can tell this is Mac vs. PC all over again. It will be all about operating systems and supporting apps. For now Apple will lead the market in sales but as one can tell during the smart phones war, Android is catching up in sales.
Overall what I'm trying to get at here is that Apple will have some healthy competition. This in turn will end up being a competition of "who can make people spend more money." Apple usually does do a good job at that, but Android owned by Google can do the same. If people do end up spending money its because of this competition. Consumers will put more money into the economy and the circle continues to flow.
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Easton said...

I understand your point about the operating system on the tablets, but I don't think its as big a factor as you do. Many consumers will buy the iPad simply because they know its Apple and thats good enough for them. An added bonus for Apple is that their operating system is much more accessible than that of their competitors, so people who have used it in the past are already extremely comfortable and new users can jump in quickly. At the end of the day we are all Steve Jobs slaves.

Zach said...

Apple will continue to dominate the market for tablet devices. Not only because the technology is superior to many people but because they market their products beautifully. Most tablets other than the iPad have awkward commercials with confusing motives. Apple does a great job of straight up telling you what their product is in a fun way. They use exciting colors as well as hip music to capture peoples emotions and their wallets.
Xoom commercial:
iPad 2 commercial:

Pacman said...

I agree with you that this competition is great for Apple and that the Xoom is still behind, yet gaining some speed because of running andriod. I believe that this competition is great for not just apple but for the economy as well. the quality of each of the products should go up as the price should hopefully go down from the competition. Economically this is important, considering iPads and Tablets are now becoming higher in demand the price has got to drop; which allow for companies to make a bigger profit while the consumer continues to create a higher utilty for themselves. All of this means that with the competition going up and the demand going up, as you said the economic "circle" should continue to flow in the future.
Tanner P