Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Will The Country Ever Fully Recover From Hurricane Irene?

Hurricane Irene could be labeled as one that has caused massive damage. Currently, the estimated losses in just the state of Vermont total more than 1 billion dollars. Although Irene was at a category 1 when it came on shore, the damages were not as apparent until days later. It did not have the devastating winds, nor did it cause damage along the shoreline. The real threat from Irene became apparent in the rising waters of the inland rivers that were pushed over their banks by the storm surge. According to newspaper accounts, in the Northeast alone, the cost to repair the damage of the affected areas could total more than 20 billion dollars. This is only for the physical damage, with an additional 20 billion more dollars in economic loss, due to closed restaurants and shops. Even in the face of tragedy, there is some benefit. Reconstruction of the damaged areas could provide jobs, especially in construction, for an area that has severe unemployment. The hurricane ravaged areas have asked for assistance from the federal government, but with the current economic situation, it is unclear as to whether FEMA will have sufficient funds to provide that aid. Hopefully, politicians will not take this as an opportunity to continue playing political games, but instead, come together to look at the human tragedy, and work together to provide the necessary relief. Only time will tell, and it will take time for the affected areas to recover.

Ice Cream Is Happiness

This article talks about different ice cream, but why do we have ice cream?
Is it because we need ice cream for life? Or we just simply want it? The answer to that question is "we want it", because ice cream is a satisfaction in life. Ice cream makes us feel the happiness and reminds us of the old good time, so people like ice cream regardless of the ages.

One of the most important questions to ask before even produce any products is "WHO" to produce. We know that almost everyone has their favorite favors of ice cream, and we know that a lot of people like sweet things, so ice cream is produced for almost everyone. Plus, even if you couldn't eat sweet stuff, there are always special made ice cream for these people.

Also, we can't eat ice cream everyday which make ice cream scarcity, and people would want it more.

People like ice cream also because it tastes good, and it makes people forget about the sadness.