Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ice Cream Is Happiness

This article talks about different ice cream, but why do we have ice cream?
Is it because we need ice cream for life? Or we just simply want it? The answer to that question is "we want it", because ice cream is a satisfaction in life. Ice cream makes us feel the happiness and reminds us of the old good time, so people like ice cream regardless of the ages.

One of the most important questions to ask before even produce any products is "WHO" to produce. We know that almost everyone has their favorite favors of ice cream, and we know that a lot of people like sweet things, so ice cream is produced for almost everyone. Plus, even if you couldn't eat sweet stuff, there are always special made ice cream for these people.

Also, we can't eat ice cream everyday which make ice cream scarcity, and people would want it more.

People like ice cream also because it tastes good, and it makes people forget about the sadness.


Smith said...

I have a question about how they decide to produce ice cream. Some decide to mass produce their flavors like Blue Bell and Ben & Jerry’s. Why would some decide to single batch/hand craft their ice cream’s on a much smaller scale?

WendyS said...

4 factors of production:land,labor,capital,entrepreneurship.
To have an ice cream store, one needs to have the idea of how to build it, where to have it, how the special features are going to be. The most important part is the entrepreneurship that can combine other factors. But not all the ice cream owners had the same amount of money to start the ice cream stores.Of course, not all of them have the luck to get a busy street to have the store.
Like,a owner can have a good spot, decorate the store super cute,and have a lot different flavors.A different owner can just have a simple store with few original flavors on a 'nobody knows' street.
As the store being more and more popular, the owner would want to create more and more different flavors for costumers.
But if the store does not get people to come, its not going to have the money to make the store better.
So it is really important to have all these figure out before start a business.