Monday, September 26, 2011


My family and I took a trip this summer up to Boston, NYC and Chicago, and on the way from city to city we seemed to always see ENDLESS CORN. Why? Well we could blame the food companies putting corn in all their products, leading to demand of more corn, but that's not right. it is government subsidies that encourage corn for ethanol that are responsible. Whole farms are dedicated to the production of ethanol corn, and so much of it is in production, it decreases the production of food corn and increases the cost of food products that were previously grown on fields not dedicated to ethanol corn. Because of this, the price of all foods have gone up, and not just corn.


Smith said...

Do you see a positive side to the production of ethanol corn? Do these fields strictly produce for ethanol or are there food staples as well?

The Noah. said...

There are positive aspects but a farmer takes so much time making ethonal corn its impossible to make other-purpose corn. The only thing I personally think that ethonal has done well is to clean my engine and get good money to the gas makers.

Abbie P. said...

The prices of corn products rising may not be all that great, but in the long run, it's better for the economy. Ethanol fuel is something that we can continue to produce so long as we can still grow corn (which will more than likely not be an issue). The fuel we normally use today is made from oils in the ground that take extremely long periods of time to generate more of and the more we use it, the less we have and we're using it at a much more rapid rate than it's being produced. Because of this, prices on gas have increased dramatically (well...they're going down right now, but you see what I'm getting at) and oil is becoming rather scarce. Having this ethanol fuel as a back up is definitely a plus, even if food prices are increasing a little bit.

jay paul said...

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