Friday, September 16, 2011

How being frugal can cost you.

In an economy where people are trying to save money, there a few health/money tips that could save you later on in life. Buying off the dollar menu is a quick way to save a few bucks and fill up the kids but its also a quick trip to the hospital,evntually. Fastfood is full of calories and greasy fats that can result in clogged arteries. Finding and using exercise equipment that isnt professionally checked could also result in a trip to th hospital; the equipment could break down injuring a person. It seems like all accidents lead to the hospital so it would be smart to set up a co pay,like mentioned in the article, because its cheaper.


The Noah. said...

in a way i think the 1$ is a good thing because if times get worse and everyone stars ordering off the dollar menu, the business will go bankrupt.

WendyS said...

A lot of people do things that they think would save money, but they don't know the consequences.So it is really true how we put our health issues on risks. Sometimes I would rather spend more money on clothing then buy a good healthy meal,which is really bad. How do people determine the values is a dig part of saving money. It is just like the paradox values. You might think an apple is more valuable,but I think it is nothing. But what we need to know is what is the most valuable thing to us in life? What is the thing that we can't be stingy about it? Well, I think one of these things is 'HEALTH'. With a healthy body, more and more wealth will come to us, if you try and work hard.So, I think saving money isn't just about cutting budget on everything,its more like a careful planned thing.

Abbie P. said...

Because of reasons that you've stated above, companies realize that they can charge however much they want for these healthier/safer products. As you mentioned, it is a lot cheaper to eat junk food, so the people that really want to eat healthier more organic foods are being forced to pay more because companies are taking advantage of their need to be healthy.

jay paul said...

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