Friday, September 16, 2011

Do you Facebook while working?

Social Networking sites, such as Facebook, have become very popular over the last several years. They're  also very addictive and you can be up all night till the early morning without even realizing it. So being on Facebook while working doesn't cost workers sleep but it does however cost businesses money when employees are on facebook.

A Nucleus Research study done in 2009 estimated that 2/3 of Facebook users, access the site at work ad this causes a 1.5% loss of productivity. Some businesses use Facebook to branch out across the country to customers that are further away, so that must make it okay for employees to be on Facebook sometimes right? If being on Facebook is business related then yes, but if not the no! In the study, 87% of people were on Facebook for something completely unrelated to there business.

To solve the problem of employees being on Facebook, companies should either block all social networking sites, only allow employees on there phones during there breaks, or just have a no phone policy. If companies become more strict on there phone policies then employees will become more focused on there work and companies would see an increase of productivity since the employees arent distracted.


Alex S. said...

You can't really block Facebook in a company's offices because that would be blocking a major resource of the company to produce business. Although many people do misuse Facebook, so maybe have a few set computers to access Facebook for business and then block the rest. Since the invention of the printing press more of the world's population has become literate through the spread of ideas and of knowledge in books and other sources. Facebook can be one of these sources not to make people literate, but to spread knowledge or just contact as many people as possible over the internet. Facebook is a huge tool, but most times it is misused through people's bad habits.

Upper School Government and Economics said...

I believe facebook is beneficial to companies or businesses if workers are using it to find people or branch out around the world. Throughout the world, many people are active on facebook. Although it can be very distracting and yet addicting, I think at some rate facebook can be important to connect to people. Because businesses can't outlaw their workers using facebook, I think they can control how much people use it while on their job. Facebook is an example of a trade-off. People can make the choice of getting on facebook and getting distracted by connecting or socializing to friends, or to wait to sign on once their done with work and in their free time but miss out on socializing.
-Lauren C.

jay paul said...

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