Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Making Own Make-ups?

Makeups are like clothes to some people, they will always be needed all the time. Doing make-up for an American girl isn't a big deal,but what about making your own make-ups?
So, there is a number of creative teenage girls doing makeup videos to teach people "how to do"
On the markets, there are more than more brands about different product, and they are most of the time expensive. Making it yourself can help a lot of girls who can't afford the make up they want. It might not help to move the economy cycles,but it is a good way for society to have new ideas from new generations. Perhaps, the business companies can learn some important things from those girls and make the makeup on markets work better for more people. But before trying to start making our own "brands" ,we need to make sure the new product we are making is skin harmless. We don't want to risk anything like our faces.
But,it is a really good idea to make our own stuff that we like. learning new stuff is always good for our economy, it might be one less mistake economy will make, or one more step towards the success. We need more people to get inspirations from.


Smith said...

Do you think producing our “own stuff” could have a negative impact on the economy? How could you foresee this effecting taxes?

Abbie P. said...

I have never even thought of making my own make-up! Good quality make-up costs so much money (especially for someone that goes through as much eyeliner as I do) and buying lesser quality can really have a negative impact: acne, smudging, etc.) I think that making your own make-up could possibly be a very good idea for women that are trying to save money!

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