Friday, September 2, 2011

Sugary Beverages and You! (the average person)

In this article, the amount of sugar based beverages consumed by people is brought to attention. Approximately 1 out of 20 people drink more than 4 cans of soda a day. Each can of soda contains 140 calories and the daily reccomendation of sugary beverages is 64 calories. When you do the math for every 1 out of 20 people, they have  consumed 560 calories. Most of the soda beverages puchased an consumed are by half the population, young teens(mainly males), and blacks. This study shows how harmful soda can be to childrens health. The effects of soda among childen include obesity and diabetes. Hospitals have stopped selling beverages loaded with the  sugary goodness because of the patients there with weight related issues. Because of the loss of their customers, soda manufacturers have seen a decline in profits. Some schools have also stopped selling soda due to new health trends.
As a personal study I stopped drinking soda to see the effects of my decision in my evereyday life snd the results really suprised me. When I stopped drinkink soda and substituted it with water I first noticed that I became more alert during classes and was more attentive. The second change that I noticed was my weight; I lost a couple pounds and my face also became more clearer. And the third and my most favorite of all is that I just became more lively! I dont know why but changing the drinks that I drank changed my life in a way and I think that cuttibg back on the soda and sugary beverages could be a good thing for everyone!


Smith said...

How are soda companies combating their loss in demand from this research?

Matt said...

I drink sodas mainly on the weekends when I want to relax and I do notice differences when I drink and don't drink them like you Muhummed. Sodas are very addicting and when a person finds the soda that is right for them, they will buy a lot of it. I think that those people have started to see a decrease in production and for kids in school, sodas make us tired and we drink them when we want to relax so when we drink them in school we don't feel like doing anything. They also don't let us perform well when it comes to athletics. That applies for me, I'm not sure about other people, but I do like it how schools are taking sodas out of the cafeteria to better their students' health. Drinking water and other healthy drinks, makes me feel better and want to do more things. My body feels a lot better too and when your body doesn't feel right, you just don't want to do anything and therefore you become obese and unhealthy.

jay paul said...

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