Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hmart is a Korean supermarket that has really fresh vegetable and fruits also is has delicious Asian cuisine . It is always crowded. Not only Asians go to hmart, more and more Americans start going to Asian markets. More people are interested in the differences between cultures, and of course food is always the first thing we try to know! At hmart, we can find food thats wont be purchased at other grocery stores. The special food makes hmart fascinating , even though hmart is located far away from everywhere. Some time if we get hmart at the end of the day,all the fruit and vegetable would be gone. Because its scarcity, makes people wanting more.
Making a market successful, the owner needs to find things that can make his market different then others,like some other Asian supermarkets are not as crowded as hmart.
How to make a market work for everyone , who would be coming when the market is built, and what to make in this market, these are important questions to answer when a owner wants to do anything. Hmart's owner knew these answer,so hmart is doing great!!