Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are You Wearing Converse Today?

We all need different types of shoes, for running, casual , and formal. But for some people Converse shoe can be wore for casual and formal. So a lot people love Converse. Converse this company has been with us for a long time, and Converse shoes are always popular among young people. At First Converse were made for athletes and famous people, but more and more people like Converse. So if the companies can let more famous people wear their product, there might be more consumer interested in buying them. Because Converse has all different colors, everyone can find a color for he/she. Some people even try to get all shoes with different colors. There is also a website that you can do a test and it tells which color is your special converse color. Converse also have really high quality shoes, so people can wear them for a really long time. Converse companies also have all types of shoe laces for different people, those little details can always make consumers pay more attention. Letting consumers know the companies always have new ideas can make more consumers spending money with them.


The Noah. said...

What is converse going to do with there "mono-look" that they have been swearing on sence the first shoe came out,when DC or Vans catch up?

jay paul said...

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