Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chinese food for American!

You can find an Asian restaurant everywhere you go. But do you think the Chinese dishes here are the same Chinese dishes in China? NO,not really! Because restaurants have to think about what people can eat, how would they like to try the different without being scared. Different countries can have a lot in difference. Its just like KFC,McDonal's, or Pizza Hut is so much different in China, they are American food,but they more like Asian American food,so everyone can try. Consumers can have influenced economy greatly, giving what consumers want can increase the demand for good and services. We know how important consumers are for our economy. Satisfying consumers is what the companies want to be successful. So before opening a store, knowing what the consumers want is important.


Smith said...

A question I have for you; is it just knowing what consumers want? What about the timing and demographic of your consumers? Would you try to open a super expensive high end restaurant in today’s economic times?

The Noah. said...

Would a Asian chef have a hard time opening a moderate priced restrant, but with all asain food with no American food in the equation?