Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How Many More Jobs Do We Need?

Economy adds 103000 jobs, but it's not enough. High unemployment percentage is one of the biggest problems in our economy now, and economy keeps adding new jobs for people, but the percentage just won't go down. Having people spend money in economy will help the everything, so why can't we just ask people spend money on instead of saving? Because most of the people spend all their money on their children's school tuition , transportation ,and housing bills, and people are already really stressed about how much bills they need to pay. College tuition is higher and higher each year, where can we get money if we don't save the money? The gas is inelastic demand, people need it everyday,if we don't save money how can we pay for gases? We also have houses, we need to pay for the water, electric, insurance bills ,if we don't save money how are we going to live in the houses?It's not easy to let people spend money when they have to face all those problems. Just adding new jobs for unemployment isn't enough because the population is growing really fast.