Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Iphone4s

Unless you live under a rock or you don't believe in using technology, then you've heard about the passing of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs revolutionized technology and the direction in which it is headed. He created the ipod, the iPhone, and the ipad's. Without Jobs, the Apple corporation was on the brink of filing for bankruptcy. Soon as h came back to Apple, the company started to progress in the right direction.
Before his passing, the much anticipated "IPhone4s" was unveiled. The new IPhone was already going to be a success, but the death of its creator spiked its demand.
It is expected that the lines for the IPhone4s will  be long, now the lines are expected to be even longer. After the passing of Michael Jackson his albums and songs became a gold mine for fans that wanted to buy tokens of appreciation/remembrance of the pop king. Now the same can be said for Steve Jobs. Its anticipated that fans will pack the Apple stores to be the first to have an IPhone4s. This prediction means that there will be an increase of demand for the new IPhone. This doesn't necessarily mean the price will increase but this could effect other brands of phones such as androids. Not only is the IPhone4s going to be highly demanded but is going to be available for different networks, like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Branching out to other notworks means that the number of consumers will increase. Being available for different  networks means that other phone brands will probably have a sudden decrease after October 14.
Steve Jobs revolutionized the world of technology and opened doors that were once un-thought of by mind. He has outranked other companies for years but yet he always stayed ahead of the competition. Steve Jobs will be greatly missed and yet he is still present with Apple. Apple will continue to take over the world  and change the world as we now it.


The Noah. said...

We will miss Steve Jobs, but what does his death say about new projects in the future? What effect will this have on Apple after the release of the Iphone4s?

Q said...

The recent death of Steve Jobs has made the demand and anticipation for Apples new IPhone 4s almost as big as any other release Apple has done. There will probably be a shortage of IPhone 4s in the first couple of weeks. As for the decrease of the production and sells of other phones is debatable. Even if the some of the networks are carrying the new IPhone still requires a new contract but that’s is another topic.

WendyS said...

After the passing of Steve Jobs, the demand for Apple product is going to be huge. Even people never used an Apply product would like to buy something from the Apple store to remember Steve. People waited the new iPhone for a long time, plus the death of Steve Jobs, the iPhone4s means a lot to Apple fans and people who love Steve's creatives. I agree that there will be a shortage of the production of Apple store. I think this shortage is different. We know that shortage occurs when the price is below the equilibrium price. Although the price for 3G and iPhone4 had dropped, the price for iPhone4s is still high. So consumer number can really change the economy.I think there will be a big change that other brands loose consumers. The competition amount three carrier companies will be intense too.

Sweet Fairy said...

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jay paul said...

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