Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Senior Citizens

I'm sure you have seen grandmas and grandpas work at Wal-mart, but why don't they relax at home? After working 40,50 years who doesn't want to enjoy the life with the money he or she owns? But since everything is getting more and more expensive, people just have to work longer to live. And those baby boomers ,who were born between 1946 and 1964, are now officially senior citizens. What will government do with them?Will the government give them enough medicare and insurance?
People don't want to retire even when they can. Unemployment is still high, and college students who are graduated can hardly find jobs. We know that spending is the driving force for economy, but now spending is not easy for most of the people. will government give more benefits to people who retired and senior citizens? So they don't have to work when they can enjoy the life?If they don't have to work, will companies need more workers? So more people get jobs?


Smith said...

You raise some great questions. Now try and find/figure out some answers to them. How can the government help/fix the social security system?

Matt said...

I feel bad for the old people that still work or have to go back to work because their retirement that they thought would last them for the rest of their life doesn't. It's sad for these grandmas and grandpas. It could be their fault for having to go back to work. They could have been really bad savers and really aggressive spenders.

Sydney Dunbar said...

In the tough time of the economy right now, it is no surprise that those with social security need more money just to get by. After working for many years, I feel sorry that our elders are being put back to work at such high ages. The government needs to budget more money for these people to help them keep up wit paying for their medications and insurance needs to cover more medicines to help prolong lives and increase their happiness.

Victor L said...

when you see a senior citizen working as a greeter you are honestly seeing walmart of where ever they work paying for their retirement. Truthfully the company does not need someone greeting everyone who enters the store. The company feels bad for the senior citizen the same as us. Therefore they give them a simple job just to pay enough to get by. It is a shame that those who worked for so long must rely on charity to have a happy life.

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