Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Texas Rangers and the World Series

As we all know, Texas Ranger fever is at an all time high due to the local team being in the World Series. This brings out-of-towners in to support their team, which leads to increased activity in the host city. Along with headaches, like increased population and traffic, it appears that the temporary inconveniences are a necessary evil in order to reap economic benefits. The economic windfall is not limited to baseball, but the effect is felt throughout the sports world whenever you have a team that commands national, if not worldwide, attention. At times, the cost of supporting the team by providing first class facilities falls on the city’s population, as has been the case in Arlington. Arlington has contributed to the building of both The Ballpark and the new Cowboy stadium in the form of an additional sales tax percentage, but the city has seen an increase in consumer spending. A recent tourism study shows that visitor spending continues to rise in Arlington in spite of the current national economic climate. The rest of the nation has not been as fortunate. The Ranger’s current success and the high profile Dallas Cowboys have put the city in the national spotlight. The city’s revenues have continued to climb, and Arlington is in an enviable position of having a budget surplus when other cities are struggling. Visitors sent approximately $593 million in the city last year, sales tax revenue jumped 34% in a five year time span, and tourism is the only industry seeing job growth. For a city that was lagging behind economically only ten years ago, the future seems to be much brighter. Being seen as a major player when it comes to financial capabilities only encourages more development and thus a promise of economic stability. And, while other cities may not have enjoyed the revitalization, it is clear that Arlington has benefited greatly from having such great sport venues within its city limits.


miranda.m13 said...

Hello! I just had to comment on this post, it's easy to relate to, especially because I am from Texas and I am a dedicated fan to the Rangers. This topic also exemplifies numerous economic terms. Since I live in Dallas,I also know that Arlington isn't a city that everyone is dying to visit. However, when it's Ranger season, the demand for baseball game tickets is at it's peak, no matter how much these tickets may cost. Compared to a regular season game, the world series is a big deal and much more expensive, especially for out-of-state Ranger fans (including the price of plane tickets, hotel fees, etc...). Because the demand is so high, it doesn't matter what any price is because real fans will be there.

Katie R said...

major league baseball is such a popular sport, and the more popular it is, the more pricey everything else is. Even though the Texas Rangers did not win the world series, the millions of fans that spent a lot of money at the world series don't regret spending. Do you think that some fans regret spending money?

miranda.m13 said...

Well, last year I got the opportunity to go to the last world series game for the Rangers and even though it is a lot of money to spend, someone wouldn't usually say that the first thing to came to their was regret. They went to the game the same reason everyone else, to watch a game. In the back of some Ranger fan's minds I'm sure they regret it.

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