Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vouchers and Taxes

School Vouchers: Money the government gives you to send your child to a school of your choice, public or private. In states that don't have a voucher system, like Texas, parents who send their kids to private school have to pay twice - the property tax that pays for the public schools, and tuition for the private school they choose their kids to attend. Because of this double expense, the majority of students that attend private schools are usually from families that are well off.

Because of this truth, ninety percent of all students go to public school because they have no choice; voucher systems promise to change this by giving a voucher to parents who can then use the voucher to send their kids to the school of their choice, money is no longer the deciding factor.

Vouchers also cause the public schools to become more competitive, because they will be rewarded by parents who recognize high performing schools. Vouchers also give the economy a boost because the money is given to the parents that spend it locally with the school instead of giving it to the bureaucrats in some central government office that just stacks the red tape.