Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The war of cars.

Yesterday I was driving in my "car" and drove up to a huge bug that took up a whole lane and looked like it was eating a person that was half consumed. Come to find out it was a Nissan Leaf, a 100% electric car...it got me wondering what was is more successful: the electric car corporations or the car corporations that are making their cars more gas efficient?

Well lets take a look at the two cars that have money saving consumers eye-balling: for the gas efficient cars: The Chevy Volt, that gets 407 miles on a full charge of battery and gas...looking at the pumps right now its at $3.09 per gallon, and on a 9.3 gallon tank, your looking at a $28.74 a fill up...pretty impressive.

As for the electric side, their is the Nissan leaf, approx. 100 miles on a single 24 hour charge. for a first electric car on the road, not too shaby.

What it all comes down to is what the consumers want: people that don't want to worry about running out of gas any time soon (and kick butt acceleration of 0-60 in 8.5 seconds ) or something to get them from one place to another in a 25-50 mile radius and forgeting what gas was...in either case, people will be turning their money away from oil/gas makers and will be relying on the power companies, so the consumer is happy, the electric company is happy, the oil makers aren't as happy, but still thankfuly they will remain in buisness. Untill I get money, I will be sticking to my trusty Lancer.

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