Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday.

We all know that Black Friday is one of the biggest days of the if you're trying to catch a great sale. Stores lower there prices, so that consumers come rushing in to buy as much as they can for the best deal. Some stores are put a limit on how much customers could buy (which was madness, "first come, first serve!!"). They limited customers so that others could buy, or get a chance to buy, the items that they wanted. This probably po-d a majority of the customers, but some probably just went back into the madness again. This year, some stores opened up to the public earlier than others so that they would be the first to attract all of the consumers. This caused an upset from the other stores that followed the unwritten law. This violation of the unwritten law has made room for a possible riot. With the inconvenience to the customers who have to be at the stores earlier and earlier to get the best deals and to the workers, who have to follw the rules of the big business men. This may leaed to an "Occupy My Job". Black Friday is also a day where many customers buy Christmas presents, which all stores encourage. Because they want customers to buy everything out before the holidays come, stores encourage customers to buy as much as they can. With all the madness of Black Friday, I prefer to wait for Cyber Monday.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Breaking Bank"

With the upcoming release of breaking dawn, it will be expected that it instantly go straight to the number 1 movie spot of the box office. It will definately peak over the $100 million mark. The twi-hard fans will go absolutely crazy spendin their money on the merchandise.and the tickets. Theatres will be packed and some fans might even see the movie twice.  Theatres will definately be affected by the crazed fans because the fans that had been waiting for hours will hungry and they will buy lots of popcorn and drinks. Also, the most desperate twilight fans will or wouldve camped at the premiere just to get a glimpse, autograph or autograph of the stars. Some people  that are lucky enough to get autographs, might even sell them for big bucks. Then they'd use the money to go buy something.
Basically what I'm getting at is that Twilight is going to help the economy with all of the spending that will be going on. The tickets, merchandise, and food that will be sold will help out the Thearres and everyone.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Online high school education

Today, we have minors in college that don't even see one classroom physically to get their degree. Instead, more and more people are switching to online classes accessed by their computers and desktops, even phones! More classrooms that are usually are full get slowly smaller every year, and more teachers are getting let back...decreasing jobs at a big rate,especially in the teacher/school staff area. And this soon decreases production in the campus and the demand for new buildings and campus production. therefore: Jobs lost, dollars lost, and the only way to really fix the problem would to be increasing the price of the online classes.

What is the Point of College?

The Big College Scam? For all us seniors busily filling out college applications, waiting to see which fine institution of higher learning will accept us, the future may not be as bright as we think. According to Mr. Kelly’s article, we are all buying into the myth that a college degree will assure us a brilliant career. This, however, is not the case. Apparently what the majority of college graduates can look forward to will be large debt loans and minimal job opportunities. Tuition and fee costs at most colleges and universities have far outpaced the median family income in recent years and continue to do so. In turn, students are amassing loan debts that currently are at levels of more than $1 trillion dollars. Perhaps the debt is climbing higher because students are taking longer to finish degree programs, thus incurring a higher debt load. Graduates are having difficulty in retaining gainful employment. Who is to blame? According to the article, the blame needs to fall on the entire education system. It seems that as the amount of money spent per student continues to rise, the educational level of the average high school and college graduate continues to fall. An additional trigger to the rising cost of education is, of course, governmental “help”. As with all areas touched by government interference, there has been an increase in the red tape which students must navigate. Since the cost of college tuition cannot continue to outpace family income, the government wants to step in and “bail” the student loan industry. Does shifting the burden from the student to the taxpayer without overhauling the system make any sense?

Money For Education

People always say that money can't buy anything, but we know that we can't do much without money. Gas, food, cell phones, and all kinds of bills we have to pay months and months. But I think one of the most expensive things is education. Average Americans earn $42,000 a year if they have a job, but tuition for a lot of colleges passed $50,000. So unless students got scholarships, it is really difficult for a student from an average family to go to college.
What can students do?Borrowing money from colleges becomes one of the ways to solve the problem. We all know it is hard to find a job in this economy for everyone. For most inexperienced college students, finding a job is even harder. How are they going to pay those loans without jobs?
Education is so expensive, what can we do to help students?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Are you looking for wide open spaces, starry nights, and long cold winters? Then North Dakota may be the place for you. Along with all the stereotypical pictures that come to mind about North Dakota, the least obvious would be an environment rich in jobs. But, that is exactly the case and, up to now, a well kept secret. As the nation overall is currently experiencing the highest unemployment rates, in our recent history , North Dakota has the lowest rate at just 1.5% along with a large inventory of jobs needing to be filled. The major employers are in the oil industry fueled by the enormous oil supply provided by the Bakken oil formation. Employers are willing to offer salaries ranging the 6 figure area for people with little experience and there is no need for a college education just to fill existing vacancies. But, the demand for workers far exceeds the supply. The oil boom has caused a need for employees in not only the oil industry but in all other areas. Oil workers will need places to live, eat, and shop , and there is definitely a shortage of all. But job seekers beware! Along with high paychecks, be prepared for long hours, a housing shortage, extreme winter conditions , and high prices. And, the secret is out. Just recently, one of the new “primetime” magazine television programs showcased the city of Williston, N.D. and its booming economy.

Pretty Nails!

Girls like to do their nails, so some of them go get their nails done regularly . There are a lot of Nail Salons in the US, but they are kind of expensive. But why do people still go ? I think one of the reasons is that when girls get pretty nails, those nails can make them really happy and feel satisfied. Also, for girls who don't go to Nail Salons but still love to have pretty nails, they can go get nail polish and do nails themselves. Some girls even have huge collections of nail polish. There are all different kinds of brands for Nail Polish, so girls can always find cheaper substitutions. So satisfaction helps economy move, when consumers feel satisfied whenever they bought something from a store, they will probably go back to that store again or tell theirs friends to go. In today's economy , if the government only think about how to improve the economy but not how to increase the desire of consumers, it will be kinda hard to help the economy.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not exactly the broken window fallacy.

So throughout the first semester of school, I have dropped my Ipad several times, it has hit desk legs, tumbled down stairs, landed on concrete and has been hit by a fist fuelled by 170 pounds of force and a D is Spanish. Though the amazement of it still working amuses me, I would love a screen that would NOT be cracked/shattered to improve the awesomeness of the device. So I call up Apple to see how much it would be to repair a cracked screen, and Apple (after a set appointment) will usually do a repair for $150. Why the triple digit price? Apple designed the screen and the base of the tablet to be connected together, making it even more a pain to replace not just the screen but the super nice aluminum case holding all the goodness together too.

This brings up a question: did Apple design the Ipad like that because they knew that the screens would crack eventually and would need to repair them? The benefit of this would mean more jobs, and income increase in Apple's repair branch. The disadvantage is that I need a job and two paychecks at least to repair my Ipad screen; if the screen was a separate part, then the repair would be a easy trip to Target and $10. One day...