Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Breaking Bank"

With the upcoming release of breaking dawn, it will be expected that it instantly go straight to the number 1 movie spot of the box office. It will definately peak over the $100 million mark. The twi-hard fans will go absolutely crazy spendin their money on the merchandise.and the tickets. Theatres will be packed and some fans might even see the movie twice.  Theatres will definately be affected by the crazed fans because the fans that had been waiting for hours will hungry and they will buy lots of popcorn and drinks. Also, the most desperate twilight fans will or wouldve camped at the premiere just to get a glimpse, autograph or autograph of the stars. Some people  that are lucky enough to get autographs, might even sell them for big bucks. Then they'd use the money to go buy something.
Basically what I'm getting at is that Twilight is going to help the economy with all of the spending that will be going on. The tickets, merchandise, and food that will be sold will help out the Thearres and everyone.

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