Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday.

We all know that Black Friday is one of the biggest days of the if you're trying to catch a great sale. Stores lower there prices, so that consumers come rushing in to buy as much as they can for the best deal. Some stores are put a limit on how much customers could buy (which was madness, "first come, first serve!!"). They limited customers so that others could buy, or get a chance to buy, the items that they wanted. This probably po-d a majority of the customers, but some probably just went back into the madness again. This year, some stores opened up to the public earlier than others so that they would be the first to attract all of the consumers. This caused an upset from the other stores that followed the unwritten law. This violation of the unwritten law has made room for a possible riot. With the inconvenience to the customers who have to be at the stores earlier and earlier to get the best deals and to the workers, who have to follw the rules of the big business men. This may leaed to an "Occupy My Job". Black Friday is also a day where many customers buy Christmas presents, which all stores encourage. Because they want customers to buy everything out before the holidays come, stores encourage customers to buy as much as they can. With all the madness of Black Friday, I prefer to wait for Cyber Monday.

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