Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Money For Education

People always say that money can't buy anything, but we know that we can't do much without money. Gas, food, cell phones, and all kinds of bills we have to pay months and months. But I think one of the most expensive things is education. Average Americans earn $42,000 a year if they have a job, but tuition for a lot of colleges passed $50,000. So unless students got scholarships, it is really difficult for a student from an average family to go to college.
What can students do?Borrowing money from colleges becomes one of the ways to solve the problem. We all know it is hard to find a job in this economy for everyone. For most inexperienced college students, finding a job is even harder. How are they going to pay those loans without jobs?
Education is so expensive, what can we do to help students?


Smith said...

I have one simple question, do you think student loans (i.e. college loans) are a good or bad debt? Why?

WendyS said...

I think its good and bad. Because college loans for students who really want to study and get a good job after graduation is a really good idea. Those college loans can help students to go for their career dreams. Without college loans, normal family with no scholarship will have hard to pay for the college tuition. Lots of talented students will not be able to go to college without loans. After these students get successfully, they will start paying the money back. That is good except when economy is really bad, college students can't find job after graduating. On the other hand, if students are just borrowing money and not trying to studying or paying back the money, that is bad. Because they will be less likely to have the ability to pay back the loans they have. Plus, when economy is bad, finding a job for college graduates is super hard, unless the student is really good no matter what. So college loans are bad or good depend on the students.