Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Are you looking for wide open spaces, starry nights, and long cold winters? Then North Dakota may be the place for you. Along with all the stereotypical pictures that come to mind about North Dakota, the least obvious would be an environment rich in jobs. But, that is exactly the case and, up to now, a well kept secret. As the nation overall is currently experiencing the highest unemployment rates, in our recent history , North Dakota has the lowest rate at just 1.5% along with a large inventory of jobs needing to be filled. The major employers are in the oil industry fueled by the enormous oil supply provided by the Bakken oil formation. Employers are willing to offer salaries ranging the 6 figure area for people with little experience and there is no need for a college education just to fill existing vacancies. But, the demand for workers far exceeds the supply. The oil boom has caused a need for employees in not only the oil industry but in all other areas. Oil workers will need places to live, eat, and shop , and there is definitely a shortage of all. But job seekers beware! Along with high paychecks, be prepared for long hours, a housing shortage, extreme winter conditions , and high prices. And, the secret is out. Just recently, one of the new “primetime” magazine television programs showcased the city of Williston, N.D. and its booming economy.

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