Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pretty Nails!

Girls like to do their nails, so some of them go get their nails done regularly . There are a lot of Nail Salons in the US, but they are kind of expensive. But why do people still go ? I think one of the reasons is that when girls get pretty nails, those nails can make them really happy and feel satisfied. Also, for girls who don't go to Nail Salons but still love to have pretty nails, they can go get nail polish and do nails themselves. Some girls even have huge collections of nail polish. There are all different kinds of brands for Nail Polish, so girls can always find cheaper substitutions. So satisfaction helps economy move, when consumers feel satisfied whenever they bought something from a store, they will probably go back to that store again or tell theirs friends to go. In today's economy , if the government only think about how to improve the economy but not how to increase the desire of consumers, it will be kinda hard to help the economy.

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