Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The advantage of starting a new book from anywhere is something any bookstore wouldn’t be able to keep up without embracing the digital format. E-books has created big changes in the bookstore market. Now that E-books are very popular and easy to use, more and more bookstores are going out of business. Privately owned stores are being the most effected because they have to keep up with the growing demand of on-line books. What makes Barns & Nobles the number one on-line book store is that they sell over one Million digital books. Barns & Nobles one million digital book’s makes it hard for competitors to reach a point to where they can really compete with Barns & Nobles therefore making them the dominating bookstore chain. But even Barns & Nobles is losing money. They are suffering a net loss of about $63 million for the third quarter of 2010.


Brayden said...

Sarah, my question is why are they losing money? You bring up very many interesting points about how Barnes and Nobles is the top dog of the online bookstore food-chain. But if they are losing money, because there hard-cover books are not selling in the store, then why wouldn't they raise the prices of there online E-books?

Sarah Craig said...

​because if they made them the same price, why would people buy E- books in the first place? To keep the demand of the e-book up you need to keep the cheaper than a paper copy of the book. Also keeping their online books cheap, this helps them compete with other online book stores.