Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Commercials

There's a different tone and attitude in Super Bowl commercials than the kind of commercials we watch every day. When watching prime time TV like local news, Jersey Shore, or Justified, the commercials that air can be very annoying. For example, that guy from Builders Surplus who smashes panes of glass and screams YEEHAWR! to get attention. No, the marketers who design commercials for the Super Bowl put much more time and thought into how to grab the consumer's attention, and make them salivate for their product.

This past Super Bowl was the most watched television event in American history, NBC says. Therefore it is highly important that whoever pays for a commercial slot during the game will have to make the best impression they can to get the most out of the millions they pour into their ads.

Creating a successful advertisement to air in the Super Bowl is no easy task- you have to appeal and win over an entire country of varying ages and demographics which all have varying interests and humors. So commercials like for the Toyota Camry, which are rather generic in their jokes, could make almost anyone laugh. These commercials are effective and can generate much needed publicity for a company, or just bring in millions of dollars in sales.


Sarah Craig said...

​Being a teenage girl, I watch the Super Bowl mostly for the commercials. However, as funny as a commercial may be, I rarely remember what they are trying to sell. For example, if a car commercial airs, I probably won't remember what type of car they are advertising, only that it is a car commercial. But the m&m commercials have something that makes them stand out from other commercials in my mind. They always have their product ( the m&m people) the main focus. Having something constant in a commercial but changing what it's about I think ia a great way for people to remember your product.

Taylor said...

I agree with Sarah. Many commercials seem to focus more on making sure they grab your attention and are memorable. But, they put in a little too much work making the commercial appealing, and forget to make sure the viewer has no choice but to remember the actual product being advertised. I feel that if many companies put in a tad more effort to direct attention to the product its self, they will get more for their money.

GageLane said...

The reason that you both, Sarah and Taylor, believe this to be true is because maybe in these commercials you are not the targeted audience. You both are lacking the steady income of someone who would be able to purchase a vehicle such as the Toyota Camry. The commercial advertiser does not look to appeal the eyes of teenage girls and boys but yet to capture the attention of someone whom could purchase the vehicle, say someone who has a job and a steady salary. Along with the other advertisers, would you both rather watch a commercial that is dull and boring? The advertiser makes sure that they produce laughter and happiness amongst their audience. I can say in my honest opinion that I would much rather watch a commercial that was funny and intriguing than one that was dull and boring. This being said I also would be more inclined to go "re-watch" that commercial because it made me laugh. So if you do not agree with the tactics of the commercial advertisers, how would you take an approach at advertising a product? Because I agree completely with Brayden that the Super Bowl is a HUGE time to create advertisement for producers products and it is strategic to add humor to your advertisement rather than y'alls approach of dullness and blandness.