Monday, February 13, 2012

Was Hercules Greek or Roman?

I just Googled it, turns out he was Greek, which is good, cause now I have something to write about. If the Disney version of the movie Hercules was a metaphor for the state of the Greek economic system right now, this would be the part of the movie where Hercules is swimming in the lake of souls in Hades. In the movie, Hercules almost died, and he became very skinny and weak, not like the Hercules we all know and love. Thats what Greece's economy is looking like right now. The once powerful nation that brought the world Democracy has fallen in to a "bottomless pit" that needs to be filled up at once.

Greece is one of the seventeen European countries that uses the Euro as it's currency. With it's failing economy, the strong representation the Euro once had is now dwindling every day that something is not done. The other sixteen are backing up Greece in their time of need, but according to German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, the pit needs to be closed before they can put something back in there. That's why today, Monday the 13th, Greece's Parliament passed a piece of legislation that contain $4 billion in budget cuts and 15,000 job reductions as well. This sent protestors to the streets, bring buildings to a rubble, setting cars on fire, and drawing out riot police to control the chaos. Without legislation like this, Greece will keep sinking deeper and deeper into an economic failure, worse than our Great Depression or our recession that we're in now. But once they stop sinking, the rest of the Euronations will offer a bailout which will then send Greece in to bigger debt troubles.

I think it's about time for the Greek government to climb Mount Olympus and ask some favors from Zeus. Maybe throw a lightning bolt or two at that debt and make it go away. As for the American debt problems, we can now see that it could easily be worse. In the words of Tony Horton from the P90 X Workout (talking about sit-ups) - "Imagine if you had to do a hundred of them! Twenty-five doesn't sound so bad..."

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