Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Next Big Brother?

Do you ever wonder how much Google actually knows about you? Well, it knows a lot. Once Google Inc. combines 60 different privacy policies into one it will have enough power to rule the world. Not really, but that did sound pretty cool. But in all seriousness, this privacy policy will gather all of the information that is collected when a signed in user with Gmail, YouTube, Google Plus, or other Google Products searches for something. Google will take this information and put up ads in accordance to what you commonly search for. So, say if you always Google search for pictures of Reggie Bush or YouTube search videos for Deadmau5. This privacy policy will make it to where you will have ads on the side of your google browser that targets Reggie Bush paraphernalia or future concert tickets for Deadmau5.

The logic behind this new privacy policy is that people will click ads that look interesting to them. A Deadmau5 head-banger would rather click on an ad that is selling tickets to its next show than say an ad that is trying to sell unique floral pottery. And when these head-bangers start clicking away, Google will begin to bank. (on top of its $38 Billion revenue that it receives annually)

My question to you: Is this an invasion of privacy or merely a way for Google to exploit its information?


Darcy said...

Haha- deadmau5 head-banger. lulz.

This is a very interesting topic addressing how much privacy the consumer or internet browser is given. With this technology, Google can make even more money from advertisers by allowing them to know our personal interests and browsing data. This is very ingenious on Google's part- the internet is a dog-eat-dog place, and people cannot avoid falling into this privacy trap, as we all need access to google and it's other accomplice sites.

I recently saw a segment on the Colbert Report that covers Target's recent information infringement. Interestingly enough, Target has been tracking and following what purchases their consumers make, and send them deals for goods or products they may be interested in. This could be the cereal they buy on a regular basis, or something they've never tried before. Our world is becoming smaller and smaller.

Anonymous said...

"deadmau5 headbanger"


Anyways, you are choosing to use google, a service. You agree to the terms of service (which just changed to allow what you described) It's free to you, but google isn't a charity. It is payed for via advertising. They know they have the market cornered (seriously, who uses bing?), and they can change their terms of service to pretty much anything they want. As for if it's right or wrong, that doesn't matter. Business is business, they exist to make money, not to do the right thing. If they can get everyone to agree to use their data to give more relevant ads, and make more money, why not?