Friday, March 9, 2012


According to this article, cyberterrorists have made a huge impact on our country by stealing our money and using it to finance their operations. Cyberterrorists not only have the power to attack us online, but also on the battlefield. Officials call it a "cyber one-two punch" in which a terrorist group steals intellectual property, and then uses it to potentially disrupt operations on the battlefield. This type of threat could potentially jeopardize national security. With the internet being such a vital part in every day life, should the government take a Big-Brother action and protect us, even if it means violating our bill of rights? The US tried to pass a bill called SOPA which would take measures towards stopping online piracy, but the American people raised to much cain that the bill was stopped in its tracks. If another bill of this topic were proposed, even if its purpose is towards protecting our people from International online terrorists, Americans might be divided or undecided in their views on the subject. Now my question to you is, would you support this kind of legislation?

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michael.parleto said...

"Online terrorism" is made up the government to justify taking action against anyone who opposes them. There is very little real threat from any malicious cyber terrorist attack. Anonymous (which is NOT an organization, so this doesn't even make sense) was recently declared "terrorists" by the US government. Really, the occasional raid or DDOS attack is on the same level as real terrorism? The only reason this has happened is because they often attack government sites, who have tried to promote pro-censorship bills and such. Individuals are rarely targeted in attacks, it is almost always pro-big government organizations and companies.